Women often face unique challenges and circumstances throughout their lives.  That's why we've launched a new education center that looks at different financial topics from a woman's perspective.  Money management; navigating the business world; the financial implications of marriage and raising a family; as well as retirement, estate, and investment planning- these are just some of the topics we'll explore. 




How Women Are Different From Men, Financially Speaking

Women And Money: Taking Control Of Your Finances

The Traits Of A Good Investor And How Women Can Make The Most Of Them

Investing As A Couple: Getting To Yes

Women And Work: Why Salary, Benefits, and Work-Life Balance Count

Getting Help From A Financial Professional

Planning For Marriage: Financial Tips For Women

Women: Planning For The Financial Impact Of Children

Adjusting To Life Financially After A Divorce

Women: What You Should Know When Starting A Business

Why Women Need Life Insurance

Women And Asset Protection: How Insurance Can Help

Asset Protection For Women: Beyond Insurance

Women And Retirement Planning

Four Things Women Need To Know About Social Security

A Retirement Income Roadmap For Women

The Retirement Income Gender Gap - Dealing With A Shortfall

Counting On Your Husband's Retirement Income? Three Things Women Should Know

Women: Living In The Sandwich Generation

A Woman's Guide To Healthcare In Retirement

Women And Estate Planning Basics

Advanced Estate Planning Concepts For Women

Women: Moving Forward Financially After The Loss Of A Spouse




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Am I liable for my spouse's debts?

I'm marrying someone with bad credit.  How will this affect me?

Should I be investing more aggressively?

I don't know much about investing.  Should I let my husband make the decisions?

I'm about to get married.  Should I adjust the asset allocation in my 401(k) to take my husband's investments into account?

I'll be changing jobs next month, and I'm pregnant.  Will I qualify for health insurance coverage with my new employer?

My employer says that after my child is born, I have to come back to work in six weeks.  But doesn't the law say that I'm entitled to three months of leave?

Does it make sense financially for both me and my spouse to work after our child is born?

My spouse and I are filing separate returns.  Can we both itemize our deductions?  If so, how do we split the deductions?

Should my partner and I buy a house together even though we're not married?

I can choose a single-life annuity for my pension or a joint and survivor annuity that makes payments to my spouse when I die.  Which is better?

My husband is about to receive his pension.  We've heard of "pension maximization". What is it?

My husband and I are getting divorced.  How do we decide whose health insurance policy will cover the children?

My husband and I are divorcing after 30 years of marriage.  Will I still be able to receive Social Security retirement benefits based on his earnings record after our divorce?

I'm getting remarried.  How will this affect my Social Security benefits?

Should I sign a prenuptial agreement to protect my assets when I remarry?

How can I find out whether my deceased husband owned any life insurance?

My husband just died.  Do I have access to his accounts?

My spouse passed away this year.  When I file my taxes, what filing status should I claim?